Waffles Gourmandes 9      

Two waffles, Nutella, Sprinkles & Whipped Cream   

French Toasts 9       

Whipped Cream, Choice of Maple Syrup, Chocolate or Caramel  

Bonjour Tartines 7       

Baguette, Two Mini Pastries, Butter, Honey & Jam   



French Onion Soup 8       

Quiche & Mesclun Green9      

Croque Monsieur & Side 10      

Brioche Bread, French Ham, Béchamel sauce, Swiss Cheese   

Croque Madame & Side 11      

Monsieur & Organic Sunny Side up Egg     

Cocotte Eggs8       

Two SoftBoiled Organic Eggs in the Shell, Bread, Butter & Spices 


SALAD   Served with Bread and Dijon Vinaigrette  

Chèvre 11        

Mesclun Greens, Arugula,  Bucheron Goat Cheese Toasts, Honey 

Pine Nuts & Dijon Vinaigrette      

Papa Poule 12        

Mesclun Greens, Chicken, Egg, Avocado, Tomatoes, Croutons,   

Toasted Quinoa & Dijon Vinaigrette     

Niçoise 12        

Mesclun Greens, Tuna, Egg, Scallions, Anchovies, Capers,  

Tomatoes, Green Beans, Potatoes, Olives & Dijon Vinaigrette  


Mesclun Greens, Arugula,  Poached Egg, Pancetta, Walnuts,  

Croutons & Dijon Vinaigrette      


OMELETTE  Served with bread & choice of side  

Classique 11        

Ham & Swiss Cheese       

Nordique 11        

Lox, Cream Cheese, Capers, Onion, Lemon & Dill   

OhLaLa 11        

MontchevreTruffle Goat Cheese, Honey, Arugula   

Provençale 11        

Homemade Ratatouille, Mozzarella & Fresh Basil   


TARTINEServed with Mesclun and Dijon Vinaigrette 

Californian 11       

Country Bread, Avocado, Goat Cheese, Tomatoes, Fresh Basil,  

Espelette Pepper & Fleur de Sel     

Brie-Licious 11       

Baguette, Melted Brie, Walnuts, Honey, Rosemary & Apple Jelly 

Duck Duck Toast 12       

Country Bread, Duck Rillette, Cornichons & French Mustard  

Basque 12        

Country Bread, Prosciutto Ham, Basque Cheese, Arugula  


PANINI  Brioche Bread & choice of side   

Caprese 10        

Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Pesto & Fresh Basil    

FOS Chicken 11       

Chicken, Caramalized Onion, Swiss Cheese, Arugula, FOS Dip  

Brie 11        

Brie, Fig & Apple Jam, Balsamic Glaze    


CROISSANT SANDWICH  Served with choice of side  

Morning 10        

Egg, Swiss Cheese, Bacon & Chives Scrambled    

Croque 10        

French Ham, Swiss Cheese & Béchamel sauce     

Provençal 9        

Homemade Ratatouille, Mozzarella & Fresh Basil   

Chicken Salad 10       

Chicken, Mayo, Celery, Onion, Cranberries, Toasted Quinoa  

Petite 8        

Three Mini Croissants Plain, Ham Cheese & Nutella   



Parisian 9        

French Ham & Butter       

Toulouse 9        

Saucisson (Dry Cured Pork Sausage), Cornichons & Butter  

Marius 10        

Tuna, Tomatoes, Egg, Olives, Scallions, Anchovies & Vinaigrette 

Club 11        

Chicken, Bacon, Tomatoes, Arugula & Dijon Vinaigrette  



Sides Choices: Soup of the day, Salad, Fruits or Potato Waffle 

We use Organic Eggs & Antibiotic Free Chicken